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Title : GLOBODOC SECRET RITUALS Available version : English Date : 2010 From : BRAZIL Format : 1 x 52' Director : Undefined




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Brazilian natives are surrounded by mystery. For centuries they were misunderstood by the so-called 'white men'. When they arrived in the New World, the Portuguese colonizers tried to dominate the people they met. They were largely successful, but the indigenous people found unexpected ways to defend themselves. A ritual in which the Divine Spirit reveals truths about men was closely guarded, protected from the eyes of those who didn't belong to the group. One forbidden ceremony to provoke spirits that uses hallucinogens was kept alive in the memory of the oldest natives. The end of the millennium brought the prediction of a new age and the possibility of a unforeseen meeting between Natives and Non-Natives in Brazil. The Whites are interested in the indigenous secrets, not to destroy them like in the past, but to learn from these customs. On the other hand, the Natives decided for the first time to allow the recording of a hither-to hidden universe. The result of this meeting, which rescues ancestral practices and promises a hopeful future, hold many surprises for the viewer. The same shared by the characters of these stories, who saw, heard and exchanged never-be foreseen experiences.


Information not yet available for this program.


Information not yet available for this program.

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