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Title : GLOBODOC TREASURE OF THE EARTH Available version : English Date : 2009 From : BRAZIL Format : 1 x 52' Director : Undefined




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From North to South, from East to West, Brazil's is synonymous of fertile fields since its colonization. The varied climate, thanks to the grand dimensions of the continent, united with agricultural enterprise, generated a country internationally recognized for its rich production of fruit: more than 46 million tons per year, a number that places Brail as the third largest cultivator of fruit in the world, only behind China and India. Brazilians take first place in the world ranking of orange and orange juice production. Native fruit, such as cashew apple, conquer an important place on the export market. Even what appeared to be impossible to work out: famous for being cultivated in cold regions, grapes do not stop growing in the semi-arid regions. The area that suffers from heat and dryness is the only one in the world where the grapevines produce at least two crops per year. The miracle counts on the important technological help of irrigation systems. Man and machine make fruit growing generate R$19billion each year in Brazil. It means guaranteed jobs for six million people. And the benefits go beyond the numbers: the immense variety of colors and flavors present on Brazilian tables is also an unending source of nutrients for a healthier life. Nonstop, new research reinforces what many before already knew: there is nothing better for human alimentation.


Information not yet available for this program.


Information not yet available for this program.

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