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Title : GLOBODOC VILLA-LOBOS- THE SOUND OF A NATION Available version : English Date : 2010 From : BRAZIL Format : 1 x 52' Director : Undefined




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The life and work of the conductor and composer considered to be the creator of Brazilian concert music. Heitor Villa-Lobos composed works that incorporated elements of popular, folkloric and indigenous music from the interior of Brazil. His original musical production - extensive, varied and creative - exalted the traditional serenade guitar and revolutionized the language of the piano with his innovative harmonies and timbres. Pulsating and sensory, he introduced hitherto unknown instruments into the orchestra with his ingenious harmonies. He was a wild-man in suit-tails who conducted the most important orchestras of Europe and the Americas. His works, liberally influenced by popular or erudite composers like Bach, Debussy or Stravinsky, are rich in nature, Latin character, beauty and emotion. A signature of that even today crosses styles and influences generations of musicians in Brazil and abroad. And an almost obligatory presence in the repertory of all those who are passionate about music.


Information not yet available for this program.


Information not yet available for this program.

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