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Title : A COR DA CULTURA Available version : English Date : 2012 From : Brazil Format : Non d閒ini(e) Director : Undefined




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The incredibly rich palette of tones that makes up Brazil as you've never seen before. The documentary "A Cor da Cultura" brings you a stunning view of the people and culture of this great nation, captured in elucidative testimonials, stunning images and vibrant sounds. If a consequence of globalization is the mix of peoples, Brazil can be considered a huge laboratory. To the indigenous tribes that inhabited its lands were added Europeans, Asians and Africans, creating a unique patchwork which makes it hard to identify Brazilians just by their looks. The addition of elements with such distinct origins resulted in a diversity that is the hallmark of this continental country. Among many contributions, one stands out by its force and numbers: during four centuries of Portuguese colonization, four million blacks were brought from Africa to Brazil to work as slaves. Despite pressure from the government and church, Africans and their descendants managed to overcome injustice and preserve their cultural universe. Many Afro customs have become Brazilian, from cuisine to dance, music and faith. Currently, over half the population of Brazil declares its skin as black or brown. The color that gave peculiar tones to this great republic has celebrated many achievements, but still journeys to become its pride.


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Information not yet available for this program.

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