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Title : LIES THAT BIND Available version : English Date : 2010 From : Kenya Format : Creator : Undefined




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In a riveting tale of intrigue, betrayal, suspense and drama, the Jumas battle out for an inheritance that will eventually lead to their gaining the world but possibly, losing their souls. LIES THAT BIND is a story about a large Kenyan family a very large, Kenyan family and the conspiracies, scheming and wrangling that ensues after the death of the family patriarch Richard Juma. Richard grew up in the village, but always knew he was destined for greatness. He came to the city in search of his fortune. Upon amassing a vast fortune, he married his first wife Joyce, then took a second wife Edith but convinced that his true love was Salome, he made her his third wife. Then suddenly, he dies, leaving behind seven children (that we know of), considerable wealth and many secrets. And thus, the fight is on. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. and all of them have secrets that could change the course of their lives if anyone finds out. Secrets are hidden and schemes are hatched. Everyone is fighting and trying to get a foothold on the throne. Brother will turn against sister, wife against wife and friend against friend. Blood means nothing here, and it is only lies that bind Watch as their true characters are revealed in an intricate web of intrigue, deceit, betrayal, suspense and drama. Piece by piece, the puzzle fits together to weave an enthralling tapestry of feuds, deceit, ambition and potent danger.


Information not yet available for this program.


Information not yet available for this program.

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