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C抏st l'histoire de trois s渦rs, Maria Fernanda, Maria Angeles et Maria Soledad, belles, courageuses et tr鑣 diff閞ents les unes des autres. Les trois s渦rs se disputent l'affection de leur p鑢e, Rodrigo, Homme accompli qui permet et encourage tous leurs caprices en raison du fait qu抏lles aient perdu leur m鑢e un tr鑣 jeune 鈍e. Par cons閝uent, elles ont grandi sous les bons soins de Guadalupe, leur nounou, ainsi que son fils, Manuel pour qui Fernanda a secr鑤ement des sentiments. Mais, en raison de la condition sociale de Manuel, elle s抏fforce refouler ces sentiments. Cependant le calme dans lequel tous vivaient viendra une fin Lorsque B閞閚ice, une femme tr鑣 manipulatrice r閡ssit 閜ouser Rodrigo. Pour obtenir sa richesse, B閞閚ice empoisonne lentement Rodrigo jusqu' ce qu抜l se retrouve au seuil de la mort. Leur p鑢e mort, ...

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Title : BELLEZAS INDOMABLES Available version : English Date : 2007-2008 From : MEXICO Format : 150 x 45' Director : Undefined




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This is the story of three sisters: Maria Fernanda, Maria Angeles and Maria Soledad. They are beautiful, courageous and very different from each other. The three sisters compete for their father抯 affection, Rodrigo. He is a successful man who allows and encourages all their whims due to the fact that they lost their mother at a very young age. Therefore, they grew up under the good care of Guadalupe, their nana. They also grew up with Guadalupe's son Manuel who Fernanda secretly has feelings for. She keeps repulsing those feeling due to Manuel抯 social condition. However the quietness in which they were living will come to an end when B閞閚ice, a very manipulative woman succeeds in becoming Rodrigo's wife. Lusting for her husband抯 wealth, B閞閚ice slowly poisons Rodrigo until he is on his death bed. She also slowly deteriorates the bond Rodrigo has with his daughters and they distance themselves. Once their father died, the girls see their life falling apart, moving from luxury to total poverty which was aggravated by the fact that they have lost sight of each other. Fernanda the strongest among the three will do everything possible to get their wealth back and reunite her family.


Information not yet available for this program.


Information not yet available for this program.

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