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Ile Maurice
3rd Floor, Citius Building 31 Cybercity
Ebene, Mauritius
Tel1.: (230) 454 78 20
Tel2.: (230) 454 75 71
Email : contact@coteouest.mu
Côte Ouest - Mauritius Côte d'ivoire
BP 4715, Rue Viviane A23 Val Doyen Cocody
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Tel1.: (225) 22 48 76 00
Tel2.: (225) 22 48 76 06
Email : contact@coteouest.ci
Côte Ouest - Côte d'ivoire




Trust and credibility are the foundation of our relationship with the different acquisition teams of TV channels. We provide sustainable solutions to a variety of content to our television partners, based on a participatory approach and confidence to make our partners more competitive in the highly competitive environment of broadcasting. COTE OUEST leverages its deep understanding of the audience and programming trends in the audiovisual sector to provide innovative solutions to television news content.


Market Research: With the constant goal to provide value-added solutions to our customers, we rely on market research to convey the best possible way, case studies and best practices from local TV productions and international success. Audience share, market share, press reviews and customer return are as much data as we gather for our customers.




Africa at Cannes film festival

 431 commentaire(s)

Festival de CannesThe 14th until the 25 of May this year marks every wannabe film maker and story tellers dream destination. Africans such as myself, dream to one day walk down that red carpet dining and rubbing shoulders against some of the world抯 most talented film makers. The 2014 Cannes film festival is the 67th annual film award ceremony that was founded in 1946 a
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Did you see "Lee Daniels The Butler" movie ?

 335 commentaire(s)

majordome_1.jpgTaking inspiration from an article by Wil Haygood in The Washington Post about the life of Eugene Allen, who worked as a butler in the White House during eight presidential administrations, Lee Daniels The Butler tells the story of an African-American steward who worked under eight presidents (Truman through Reagan).

The movie stars Forest Whi
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