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3rd Floor, Citius Building 31 Cybercity
Ebene, Mauritius
Tel1.: (230) 454 78 20
Tel2.: (230) 454 75 71
Email : contact@coteouest.mu
Côte Ouest - Mauritius Côte d'ivoire
BP 4715, Rue Viviane A23 Val Doyen Cocody
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Tel1.: (225) 22 48 76 00
Tel2.: (225) 22 48 76 06
Email : contact@coteouest.ci
Côte Ouest - Côte d'ivoire




Motivation, responsibility, contribution and professionalism are the main values of services and assistance providing by C訲E OUEST AUDIOVISUAL to its network of producers partners.


Our vision is to contribute significantly to the development of the African audiovisual sector. To fill the gap between production and distribution requires us to strengthen our commitment towards African content creators. Our expertise in the field of 揺xport capacity includes all aspects of production and distribution. To this end, we actively attend and organize workshops for producers. We implement a solid marketing for each product we acquire. That allows an efficient promotion of the producer, director and all actors involved in the production process.




The effective management and protection of copyright are one of the most important aspects of the African audiovisual content development. In the era of digitization and the professionalization of delivery platforms, the ability to extend the life-cycle of a product distribution becomes a feature of sustainable development of our industry. C訲E OUEST acts as the guardian and protector of audiovisual rights for all content assigned by our production partners. To fulfill our obligations we use rights management systems, implement strict markets control and take all necessary measures to fight against piracy.




Our researches combine the local and regional made for the performance evaluation of C訲E OUEST AUDIOVISUAL products. Control agents are sent in most African countries. These teams are trained and authorized by C訲E OUEST to control daily the schedule of TV shows. Weekly reports are submitted to C訲E OUEST Marketing managers. This allows us to fight constantly against piracy and to be responsive when detecting illegal cases.




In our desire to reach a larger audience, we go beyond cultural and linguistic constraints by professionally performing the dubbing of programs in English, Portuguese, French, and Arabic. The digitalisation of the African audiovisual sector has witnessed the increasing phenomenon of growing segmentation of audience and the emergence of niche markets. Our ability to dub popular content in African languages (such as Swahili, the Hausa, Yoruba etc.) puts COTE OUEST as the leading provider of content for new digital markets.




In close collaboration with our production partners and in strict compliance with our agreements with them, COTE OUEST develops communication strategies and designed tools to ensure the effective promotion of audiovisual productions. In this vision, we create promotional and advertising materials dedicated to our customers.




Finally, COTE OUEST shares this market knowledge by organizing regularly or through his participation in workshops with our production partners to raise the quality level of content in accordance with the requirements of local and international markets. During these sessions, we discuss issues such as : research, development, digitization of content , production for mobile, how to produce content with a universal key, the digitalisation of delivery systems , ways of funding mechanisms and export requirements for TV distribution etc. . Through our training and monitoring of producers, we have contributed significantly to reducing the gap between production and distribution.




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It's the reason why we have film schools, they are there to teach the basics on how to make a story work.

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