a pretty girl runs away from her home and the miserable fate that awaits her. She is taken to Rio de Janeiro, and taken for a street thief she is taken to a juvenile institution, from where she escapes after having been harassed. During her escape, she meets sylvia, who takes her to work as a maid. At 18, she runs away again, this time from her boss's boyfriend, who tries to rape her. Later, she will be greeted by the Famille of her friend Vera, where she met Cliton, a hardworking young man from the favela. Both will live a beautiful and dramatic love story. Extremely beautiful and naturally sensual, conceição is invited to join a Brazilian funk duo and defeat Jessica, two-time Miss Suburb winner. Refusing to accept her loss for a newcomer, Jessica uses her powers of seduction and the weight of her boyfriend, the thug tutuca, to stop the success of her rival. Nevertheless, conceição, now known as the suburbs, is acclaimed in the north of Rio without compromising its purity and integrity. In addition to triggering Jessica's envy, conceição's popularity begins to bother Cliton, who feels neglected by his girlfriend. on his birthday, he takes her to a motel with the promise of not taking advantage of the situation. However, as he crosses the boundaries, conceição feels violated and ends the relationship.

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