14 Kilometres


Because she is promised to an old shepherd who abused her as a child, Violette is forced to flee her native Mali. Because his footballer's feet will never tread a real stadium and his boss exploits him, Bouba is convinced by Mukela, his older brother, that the future is elsewhere. All good reasons for everyone to take the road to the north, to sparkling Europe. In Agadez, the two Nigerian brothers are intrigued by a pretty prostitute with an extinct look: Violet. The next day, embarked in the same bus, they were dropped off in the middle of the desert with meagre instructions for their further journey. The journey begins. Each border crossed offers its share of complications and the outcomes are reduced: prison, death... or perhaps Europe? Half of Africa passes before our eyes, grandiose and tragic, traversed on foot, at the end of its strength by endearing characters. Many people try this journey every day at the risk of their lives, to arrive in a state of indescribable suffering.

Behind the scene