Njinga Reine D'angola


In the 17th century, Princess Njinga, daughter of King Kilwanji, was appointed heir to the throne after his death. His appointment as head of the kingdom gave rise to many disputes within his family. Indeed, her brother Mbandi, jealous, raised a rebellion, overthrew her sister's power; forced her into exile with her two other sisters but before that he made them sterile and had Njinga's young son murdered. Exiled, Njinga could not resist for long the suffering of her people, who were forced to endure the injustices of the new king on the one hand and the Portuguese invasion on the other. Indeed, the Ndongo kingdom must now face the slave traders who, with the complicity of the Nguri, enslave its people. With the help of Jaga Kasa Cangola (who would become her husband), a loyal general in her father's army, Njinga regained her throne and fought a battle for resistance to the colonial presence in the Kingdom of Ndongo, which is now part of Angola. After 40 years of hard fighting, Queen Njinga agreed to make peace with the colonial administration and was finally recognized as the legitimate and legal administrator of the kingdoms of Matamba and Ndongo.

Behind the scene