Pokou Princess Ashanti


Eighteenth century. Abla Pokou lives in the Ashante Kingdom, which covers two third of present-day Ghana. Princess Pokou is a counselor who has a great influence on the King Opokou Warê and she opposed to the war. Thus she is a serious obstacle on the path of a former warrior Kongouê Bian who is now witchcraft adept. Because of his hunger for power he conducts a coup d’état against the king who happens to be his best friend. Kongouê also gets rid of the legitimate heir. The he succeeds to impose a new king. But thanks to her charisma and her mystical powers, Pokou manages to avoid a war between Ashanti people who support Kongouê-backed and those who are against him. The latter group accepts to go into exile with the princess. But Kongouê Bian and heavily armed warriors set off in pursuit of them. He is determined to to prevent the achievement of the prophecy saying that a new kingdom would be created and would be as powerful as Ashanti’s.

Behind the scene